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Cameron Bluegrass Festival

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September 8 - 10, 2023

Enjoy toe-tapping music, bluegrass jammin’, workshops, vendors, food, fellowship, and fun at the

1866 13 1/2 – 14th Ave (County Highway W)
Cameron, Wisconsin, 54822

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Cameron Bluegrass Festival The Kody Norris Show

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2022 Featured Headliner

The Kody Norris Show

2022 SPBGMA Entertainer of the Year Kody Norris
2022 SPBGMA Fiddler Performer of the Year Mary Rachel Norris

2022 SPBGMA Bluegrass Music Awards Entertainer of the Year and Fiddle Performer of the Year!

Deeply rooted in North American folk music, Kody Norris has crafted a performance that harkens back and tips a hat to the traditions created by Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin’s showmanship, the Stanley Brothers’ harmonies, performances of the Grand Ole Opry, and a bit of Vaudeville. 

The foursome is fronted by Norris on guitar and his fiddling “sweetie,” Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris, Josiah Tyree on banjo, and Cousin Charlie Lowman on the bass! 

The Kody Norris Show recently signed their first major record deal with Rebel Records from Charlottesville, Virginia, and has since released All Suited Up, which debuted at #7 on the Billboard Charts!

Learn more at and connect with the group on The Kody Norris Show Facebook Page!

Listen to The Kody Norris Show

The Kody Norris Show plays “Love Bug” at the 2022 Cameron Bluegrass Festival!

The Kody Norris Show entertains the crowd at the 2021 Cameron Bluegrass Festival!

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Other bands and musicians who played our 2022 festival:

The Waddington Brothers

Cameron Bluegrass Festival Waddington Brothers Win SPBGMA 2023 Award

From southwestern North Dakota, The Waddington Brothers have been performing together since 2004. They have performed with such notable artists as The Kruger Brothers, Ron Block and Bobby Hicks. The Waddington Brothers spent many years touring the United States and Canada with their family (nine of them in all) as the Waddington Family, performing Gospel music. Music has been in these men’s blood since early childhood. In 2009 Ethan won second place in the National Bluegrass Banjo Championship in Winfield Kansas. Since then the brothers have performed at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, they have been featured guests on “Dakota Air, the Radio Show” on Prairie Public Radio as well as performing for North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple’s inaugural ball in 2013. The Waddington Brothers are a versatile acoustic group with a musical style that ranges from hard driving bluegrass to the mellow sound and dynamic western harmonies reminiscent of Bob Nolan and The Sons Of The Pioneers.

Learn more at and connect with the group on The Waddington Brothers Band Facebook Page!

Listen to The Waddington Brothers

The Waddington Brothers wowed us with their debut at our 2022 Cameron Bluegrass Festival!

The Stringsmiths

Cameron Bluegrass Festival: The Stringsmiths

The Stringsmiths (Hand-forged Bluegrass) are a hard-driving, traditional bluegrass band from Northwest Wisconsin. Founded in 2010, we are a group of friends and musicians who share a passion for traditional bluegrass music. Influenced by greats such as Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, The Stanley Brothers, Jimmy Martin, Del McCoury, James King, and many others, we have developed a sound and style we hope will entertain folks and help keep traditional bluegrass alive and well with both cover tunes and a few original songs.

Learn more at and connect with the group on the Stringsmiths, Hand-forged Bluegrass Facebook Page!

Listen to the Stringsmiths

The Stringsmiths lit up the stage at our 2022 Cameron Bluegrass Festival!

St. Paul Mudsteppers

Cameron Bluegrass Festival: St. Paul Mudsteppers

**UPDATE: The Saint Paul Mudsteppers were unable to join us in 2022. We send our best to the band and thank the New Midnight Coal Company for playing two sets on Friday.**

The Saint Paul Mudsteppers play country blues inspired by the recorded works of the early 1900’s in the Deep South.  Their main source of material is the great Mississippi Sheiks, but the Mudsteppers do not try to be a carbon copy.  The band tries to present this old music in a new and energetic way.

Learn more at, and connect with the group on the St. Paul Mudsteppers Facebook Page!

Listen to St. Paul Mudsteppers

Flattgrass Revival

Cameron Bluegrass Festival: Flattgrass Revival

FlattGrass Revival is a traditional and gospel bluegrass band.  They are noted for their tight four-part harmony. Each member of the group grew up singing A Capella music with family and in church, which was instrumental in developing the natural sound of their harmony and lead vocals. What started out as a group of friends jamming together on their favorite bluegrass and gospel tunes, evolved into an organized band, performing regularly for community gatherings, the elderly, as well as bluegrass festival open mic opportunities.

Learn more at!

Listen to Flattgrass Revival

Enjoy tight harmonies from Flattgrass Revival at our 2022 Cameron Bluegrass Festival!

The New Midnight Coal Company

Cameron Bluegrass Festival: The New Midnight Coal Company

The New Midnight Coal Company is a father & sons, three-piece bluegrass band from Clayton, Wisconsin. Most of the songs they play are traditional bluegrass. 

Listen to The New Midnight Coal Co.

Get a taste of the New Midnight Coal Company from our 2022 Cameron Bluegrass Festival!

Lorn & Royce Band

Cameron Bluegrass Festival: Lorn & Royce Band

Bluegrass/Gospel musicians, Lorn Schultz and Royce Sorensen have come full circle after starting together in the ’80s as founding members of the King’s Trio. 

Lorn went on to form the King’s Countrymen, which included bus tours to Nashville and Branson, plus numerous recordings over the band’s 26-year run. Lorn and his wife, Kristi, hosted a very successful and dearly-loved Bluegrass Gospel Festival every summer for 18 years on their Mondovi Farm. 

In addition to 23 years with the King’s Trio, Royce uses his multi-instrumentalist skills as a sideman in numerous Wisconsin bluegrass bands. He also has a recording business at his Eau Claire home studio. 

The two “old friends” continue to share their love of Bluegrass/Gospel music and giving testimony to the work of Christ in their lives. Kristi often handles the sound system duties. On occasion they invite guest musicians to join them.

Learn more at the Royce Acoustic Music website!

Listen to Lorn & Royce Band

Gospel Notes

Cameron Bluegrass Festival: Gospel Notes
The Gospel Notes are an old time gospel bluegrass band consisting of three core members, with other “notes” added on occasion for extra fun and harmony.  Two members have experienced life-threatening illnesses, and both are living miracles and examples of God’s grace in our lives. We are thrilled to spread the good news of God’s word through song and testimony!

Listen to Gospel Notes

River City Ramblers

Cameron Bluegrass Festival: River City Ramblers

The River City Ramblers Bluegrass Band was born as the Red Cedar Ramblers in Menomonie, Wisconsin in 1979, 42 years ago. The band is well known in Northwest and Central Wisconsin, and especially the Chippewa Valley.  They base their style on the music of Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, Osborne Brothers, Ricky Skaggs, and Kentucky Thunder, and other famous bluegrass artists.  The band prides itself on projecting a variety of instrumental and vocal arrangements, leaning towards First Generation Traditional American Bluegrass.

Learn more at the River City Ramblers Google Site!

Listen to River City Ramblers

The River City Ramblers entertain the crowd at our 2022 Cameron Bluegrass Festival!

Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge began in 2018 when several musicians who had enjoyed jamming together for many years decided to form their own band. The group enjoys playing traditional bluegrass as well as old-time, gospel, and fiddle tunes. They are influenced by such bluegrass greats as the Stanley Brothers, Flatt and Scruggs, the Carter Family, Ola Belle Reid, Doc Watson, Elizabeth Cotton and others. Band members have their roots in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, and Menomonie.

Listen to Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge kicked off our 2022 Cameron Bluegrass Festival with high energy!

Blue Hills Travelers

Cameron Bluegrass Festival Blue Hills Travelers

The Zimmer Brothers, The Ottersons, and Kathy Krug make up the Blue Hills Travelers. They’re a fun, focused, energetic band that enjoys playing traditional-style bluegrass inspired by Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, and the Lilly Brothers.

Listen to the Blue Hills Travelers

The Blue Hills Travelers were on fire at our 2022 Cameron Bluegrass Festival!

John Vincent & Friends

Cameron Bluegrass Festival John Vincent and Friends
Come to the fest to find out which friends John Vincent will be playing with!

Listen to John Vincent & Friends

Now we know which friends John Vincent played with at our 2022 Cameron Bluegrass Festival!

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